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Requisition freighter, with high-speed rail, express company eat double 11 cake
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Many online shopping group as cheerful as a lark "double eleven" big promotion is coming. However, the buyers and sellers of "holiday" the express company is "pressure of big mountain". In order to prevent the former "double eleven" promotion of frequent "critical" appearance, this year the express company early beginning distribution capacity, not only mobilized cargo also to high-speed rail, to allow faster service delivery. In order to seize the "double eleven" infinite "cake", SF EXPRESS today will also be launched on a volume of over 2000 votes more than the business class monthly customer discount method.


Increased capacity: requisition, teamed up with high-speed rail cargo


In recent years, "back double 11" promotional puffed up, about the express "vomit tank" and complaints they can be heard without end, express "critical" has now become a big promotion "sequelae". In order to prevent the "critical" in this year continued to show, also in order to make massive shipment within the shortest time by sorting digestion, this year, Yuantong express company SF mobilized more than 100 cargo plane used to relay. According to the introduction, as in recent years "double eleven" series of promotional, originally as long as SF a equipment cargo plane form has gradually broadened to "occupation standard". Yuantong, Shentong express company continuous announces in network promotion time use cargo transport express, this year the express company to deal with the "double eleven" on the same day shipping questions and urgent mobilized plane up to more than 100 frame.


In addition to seize the air freight lines, the express company is active to broaden the way in high-speed rail. At present, there are at least 5 courier companies now participate in the high-speed rail logistics operation. China Post, Shun Feng, Yuantong companies such as leakage, will use every high-speed rail list first admitted after the train logistics delivery. Because in the trial operation time, high-speed rail express transport association area to first-tier cities, provincial capital city, central coastal prosperous city, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Nanchang.


Transfer price:


On 2000 votes or more electric discount


"Pro, our online shopping bag mail!", this sentence is many buyers want to hear a word. However, because of the small and medium-sized electrical mostly with the "four links one of" cooperation, delivery the acquiescence of courier companies are Shentong, Yuantong, Zhongtong, Huitong, rhyme and so on, so if you want to enjoy a long time buyers "post" can acquiesce to the express company, to select Shunfeng, then EMS the other money demand. This year "double eleven" promotion time, may be rendered Shunfeng sellers "post" the express company in figure.


Youth Daily reporter know, today, SF EXPRESS will be launched in the country "s ex gratia", for the business class month and send a is in 2000 above. The customer discount tickets. According to the introduction, "electric ex gratia" fee equivalent to SF standard price of 6-7 fold, and always cheap "four up" fundamentally equal. All the time, because the SF express charge is expensive, in their "post" courier companies are hard to see in SF "figure", and the preferential measures after the launch, price is no longer "look down from a height", safety and timeliness and very good motion may become not less electric selection.


It is reported, Shunfeng discount after the launch, some shipments of the seller in the monthly 2000 votes or more resolution increases as co authors sf. A personage in the electric business price that, with new SF, many dealers will give priority to select Shunfeng, "although SF quote is still to be a little higher, but the customer experience will have progress, so the cost is worth a little progress."

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